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My wife’s words as she was reading about the attacks in India.  She normally fills out applications by checking the “caucasian” option when asked, but it doesn’t always seem right to her. (Jana wanted me to correct this.  She actually checks “other.”)

Some of the victims were targeted because they were Jewish.  I’m not in her shoes, but I imagine it’s hard not to take it personally.  Whatever the politics.  Whatever the arguments. Whatever the excuses.  The bottom line is that they were killed because they were Jewish.

Synchronicity.  I’m glad I’m on WordPress.  Sorry.

The photo of now deceased Rabbi Gabriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka, used by the Jerusalem Post in the article through the link above, comes courtesy of AP.

Addendum: This Kos poster has photos of Mumbai from happier times.

Second addendum: For those of you interested, Stephen is posting a few of the posts he would have posted here over at his own blog.

Shankar brought this to my attention. The new world champion chess player is an Indian named Viswanathan Anand. This is the first time a non-Russian has won the championship since Bobby Fischer took the title, albeit briefly, in 1972. The Soviets have held the championship for the duration from 1945 to it’s fall and until this year the Russians had held the title (with the aforementioned exception of Fischer and the Latvian Mikhail Tal who held title in the late 50s).

Anand is only the third non-European to hold the title since its inception in the late 19th century. The first was Cuban Jose Capablanca of whom I’ve already written.

Anand had also won a “disputed world championship” in 2000. The international chess competition had split into two organizations each with their own champion for a number of years. He was the FIDE champion while the Russian Vladmir Kramnik held the “classical” world championship. Anand lost the FIDE title to another Russian whom Kramnik defeated in a “reunification” championship last year. By agreement a championship tournament was to be held this year and Anand came out on top at the end of September for his first “undisputed” reign (in quotes because Bobby Fischer still considers himself the real world champion after all these years having forfeited the rematch because FIDE wouldn’t bend over and change the rules to his liking).

It’s appropriate that an Indian should hold the title. Chess is believed by some to have originated there.


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