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Proposed findings and recommendations for Code Enforcement Task Force

Reported by the Times Standard. Jack Bernstein, formerly a CEU officer himself, recommended supervision and the separation of civil and criminal investigations. He also suggested contracting out to revise the manual. The CLMP members meanwhile are objecting to any involvement of the CEU in drug investigations, although the TS reported consensus that they could turn […]

The Eel River and Code Enforcement

Heraldo has some details and thoughts about John Cassali’s appeal to the Code Enforcement Task Force last Friday. KMUD had some coverage as well Friday evening, but I never got around to putting a post together about it. So is the Task Force empowered to address issues of effective enforcement as well as investigate and […]

Gallegos on Code Enforcement

D.A. Paul Gallegos showed to speak before the Code Enforcement Task Force yesterday, but nothing new is reported in the Times Standard article. We already know that he is concerned with oversight, has suspended his previous role of deputizing Code Enforcement officers, and has offered to provide oversight himself given proper resources and authority. The […]

Code enforcement moratorium extended in yesterday’s BOS meeting

Election certification. Grand Jury Report. All that an more, as reported by Heraldo.

Code Enforcement Task Force agenda for Friday’s meeting

Code Enforcement Task Force Meeting June 13, 2008 9:00 A.M until 1:30 PM Humboldt County Board of Supervisor’s Chambers 825 5th Street, Eureka, CA 95501 AGENDA Members: Johanna Rodoni Second District Supervisor Jill Geist Fifth District Supervisor Phil Smith-Haynes Asst. County Office Administrator Bonnie Blackberry Civil Liberties Monitoring Project Liz Davidson Civil Liberties Monitoring Project […]

Code Enforcement thread

By request from Thorn, I am making this post so that anybody may update us on Code Enforcement issues. For those of you who missed it, Officer Desadier was demoted. The Task Force met recently and KMUD has excerpts. CLMP keeps up on the issue. If anybody has anything else, please post it or e-mail […]

Code Enforcement Task Force update

The Supervisors meet tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. On the agenda will be Roger Rodoni’s replacement on the task force (three guesses) and scheduling. The Task Force will meet on May 23.

Gallegos takes the guns from Code Enforcement

The following article written by Daniel Mintz was sent out on an AEB e-mail, but I don’t know which paper he was writing for. Apparently the article was written yesterday. The e-mail heading says the TS, ER and NCJ are (edit) not covering it. I’m posting the article in its entirety. If and when it […]

Code Enforcement task force appointees

Heraldo is reporting that the Council selected the “at large” members yesterday. Dan Taranto, veteran of the owner-builder movement, Fortuna Police Sgt. Jack Bernstein and Robert Vogt, Director of Environmental Services for Pacific Lumber received the most votes from the ten applicants for the three positions. I don’t know whom CLMP has chosen for their […]

Rose has compiled Code Enforcement links

Including a link to CLMP. …. Also, Hank covers the issue, along with the attempts by EPD officers to block their chief’s contract last Friday. I saw Heidi Walters at Friday’s meeting, but I’m not finding a code enforcement story with her byline.