Really good start in Georgia if you support Warnock. Some counties were open for early voting today. Check out this line! Some of the voters had two hour waits.

This almost didn’t happen as the Republicans tried to kill the Saturday voting in court. They lost because the prohibition against Saturday voting following holidays in the statute only specifies primary and general election, not a runoff. The Georgia Supreme Court saw that the prohibition for runoffs was in the original draft, but not the final legislation and so the presumption is that the omission was intentional – even though it was apparently just a sloppy slip-up. You can bet the Republican majority in the state legislature will change this for future run-offs. So the counties had the option of starting up today as opposed to Monday, when everyone will start.

So 22 of the 160 or so counties started early today, including the Atlanta metropolitan areas including Fulton and Dekalb counties and the county which contains Savanah – very blue areas. Most of the red counties opted to wait until Monday anticipating that the Republican Secretary of State would win in court – they got some bad legal advice and their effort to suppress the voters who need early voting opportunities the most (especially since it’s now very difficult to get an absentee ballot on time) has backfired.

It’s not over. There will still be five days of early voting and then the same day voting. But it’s a great start for Democrats.