The latest count is in with only about 1000 votes left to count. This count includes the provisional ballots.

Until a court says otherwise, the Earth Flag will fly at the top of the three Arcata City poles. The “yes” vote is 135 votes ahead. No chance of it failing at this point.

Mario Fernandez extended his lead to over 100 votes in the Third Ward race and there is just no way John can catch up at this point no matter what the makeup of the remaining ballots. Renee Contreras-Deloach has won in the 5th Ward, where the turnout appears to have been half that of the 3rd Ward.

Julie Ryan has replaced Alan Bongio on the CSD.

And after taking fewer votes than his opponent in the primary, Juan Pablo Cervantes has won in something of an unexpected blowout for Clerk/Recorder/Registrar. He has a 5000 vote and twelve percentage point lead.

No change in the Arcata City Council race. I really hope Raelina Krikston, who came in third, runs again. We need smart young energy in local government.

Not a bad turnout for a midterm election with no seriously contested statewide races.