I had to go to the Cutten Murphy’s Market for a couple of items and there were 6 Sheriff vehicles in a circle with their lights on taking up half the parking lot. I was concerned that maybe a robbery was underway, but I saw cars driving in through the western driveway and customers were walking out of the store. So I followed the cars I saw, got out of my car, and joked to a family watching, “Must have been a shoplifter.” l actually assumed that they were staging for something down the road.

I went in and grabbed my stuff and by the time I was at the register several of the Sheriff vehicles were still there. I asked the clerk if he knew what was up.


“Six cars???”

He glanced at me then turned to the next customer. I looked over on my way out and sure enough there was a woman in a pink sweatshirt with several officers talking to her. Long conversation. They were still talking as I turned left on Walnut and drove home.