Not much change.

Natalie Arroyo has 54 percent of the vote and will probably close with 55 percent or close to it. She pretty much clinched two reports ago.

Surprising to me is that Cervantes lost ground against Nielsen in the the Clerk/Recorder/Registrar race. I’m not sure how many votes are left to count, but it can’t be more than a few thousand, so my prediction that he will pass her and take the lead is in serious jeopardy.

KPD actually gained slightly against Dillingham.

Why do we have four Republicans Running against Huffman? Only one of them came up with two digits in percentage. I don’t recognize any of the names.

Sheriff Honsal had no opponent, but received by far the most unqualified write-in votes against him of any of the uncontested races.

Padilla did about a point better for the full term than he did for the rest of the current term.

The final report should be out this week and then next week we’ll get the precinct report hopefully. Really looking forward to it this time. I’m a geek.