Somebody asked the question at LoCo, and Kim Bergel responded concisely.

Participation in politics is a good thing! We should have even more choices. But everything is framed by activists on all sides in pragmatic/strategic terms.

By the way, here is the LOWV forum for the 4th District race which took place on Wednesday evening. They really need to change the format. One minute responses are thoroughly inadequate, and we need debate formats where the candidates can engage with each other. Otherwise, it’s just simultaneous press conferences only sterilized.

That being said, I think all three candidates are relatively free of the jitters of the first two forums. They presented well according to their respective styles. Seemed more prepared.

Unfortunately, there is only one scheduled debate left that I know of, which is the Realtors thing next Wednesday. I’m not sure if it will be aired on any media.