The Ohio gerrymander of Congressional districts was that bad!

Addendum: As I said before, Republicans had pretty much tapped out most of what they could gain through gerrymandering the last time around. You can only draw so many “snake,” “duck” and “octopus” districts. Democrats had only gerrymandered in Maryland. Now they’ve done it in Illinois. Open question as to whether they will do it in New York. There are multiple lawsuits in each of the 15 or so gerrymandered states, including the 2 Democratically gerrymandered – some based on state law and some federal. There are even lawsuits being filed in places with independent commissions, including Arizona where Latino groups believe that their communities were harmed by the approved map.

So far no California lawsuits about the statewide maps, though there was a lawsuit about the process which was rejected by the state Supreme Court in December.