You can view the maps here.

I’m not sure why we need to redistrict at all as there has been no appreciable population change in ten years, but whatever.

A few points. The first two proposals split Sohum east and west to some degree, and that drew a harsh negative response ten years ago.

Plan A cuts Natalie Arroyo out of the 4th Supervisor District. Accident? Who knows? But it won’t happen.

Plan C does make sense in that it puts Petrolia and Honeydew into the Second District with Sohum, where they belong. They have been the only two precincts which do not go to Rex Bohn because they’re mountain hippie towns. (until the last election which was an anomaly). It also looks like Fortuna gets split up in all three proposals, while in Plans A and B Scotia moves back to the Second while in Plan C Rio Dell and Scotia are both in the First. It seems in all three the Highway 36 corridor remains in the Second.

I’m not sure why the colors extend out into the water. It only confuses the visuals.

I’m just not seeing any point to A or B.