I’m just getting caught up.

The resigned leaders of the three police groups testified today. They blamed the FBI and Pentagon. They blamed each other.

During this time the right wing fringe in the Senate went off in all different directions. Senator Ron Johnson repeated conspiracy theories that it was all an Antifa plot. Senator Hawley took the opportunity to attack Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré who has been tapped by Pelosi to evaluate the January 6 responses. The Republicans are upset about a comment the Lt. General made saying that the Capitol police looked “complicit” (they did), but Hawley is personally wigging out over a tweet made several days after the insurrection. They want Pelosi to remove Honore.

“This little peace of shit with his @Yale law degree should be run out of DC and Disbarred ASAP @HawleyMO @tedcruz aaa hats,” it read. “These @Yale and @Harvard law grads is high order white privilege.”

They all do agree that it was a “coordinated attack.”

Sund says that he never got the FBI memo because it was redirected in his office. Way to pass the buck on your inferiors! Why wasn’t he asking for a report? It’s not like the danger was a big secret. But in fact none of the police chiefs received the memo, which also suggests that the FBI was nonchalant in it’s communications.

Apparently the Pentagon and FBI will have people testifying next week.

But I’m looking forward to the Honoré report!