“Getting illegal substances into the United States has become much more difficult, too.
“Five days ago was the last time we brought something across the border. Just three kilos,” said a smuggler from Mexicali, speaking to blogdelnarco, a platform covering Mexican organized crime. “We have arrangements with border police and our smugglers know which borders posts to use. But now, many crossing have surprisingly been shut. That makes our business much more risky.”
Now, many who call for “the Wall” argue that it’s necessary to stop drug trafficking. But if this article is accurate, the vast majority of drugs, if not all, are funneled through the legal checkpoints and the drivers obviously have visas if not US residential status. In other words they did it “the right way.”
So the people crossing over away from the checkpoints are basically just people looking for a safer and better life. It’s not criminals who are being caught in “zero tolerance.”