Yes, we have 5 confirmed cases in Humboldt County.  Yes, that’s up from 1 a week ago.  Yes, they probably spread the virus before they were tested.  Yes, it’s a concern.

But nothing has changed since last week.  The virus was here, spreading, long before the latest test confirmations.  The only reason we didn’t know that is that we have limited tests with limited criteria for testing.  The lack of availability of tests is a national failure, and may even be a local failure – I don’t know what local health authorities have done to acquire the tests.

But it’s been here, spreading, the whole time.  If the experts are right, 40 to 60 percent of us will catch it at some point.  Some of us won’t even know we had it.  Some of us will die.

I’m going to write more about this later, but to those of you who are more scared than they were last week, there’s no point to that.  Just take your precautions to help slow the spread and “flatten the curve.”  It’s all about keeping the numbers of sick below the treatment capacity for the county.

If you’re under 60 stay away from the older people and those with health issues.  But check on your neighbors.  Bring them food and supplies and leave them at their door.

This was taken in McKinleyville.  This should be our reaction to the situation.


More later.