Not a done deal, but apparently there were enough threatened defections such that witnesses will be heard.

But will anyone bother to buy Bolton’s book after his testimony?  I wonder if Bolton will offer legal resistance until after his book is released.

Will the Biden’s be subpoenaed?  I mean, if he has the stuff, Biden could pull of a Robert Welch moment and all but guarantee the nomination.  If he hides, the Sanders momentum is likely to continue.

Will Bolton actually burn the Democrats?  Did he give the NYT a false lead?  It’s possible.

Will they call Adam Schiff?  He seemed willing when he was asked about it.  I think that would be a huge mistake on the Republicans’ part.  People are much more likely to watch and listen to him if he’s in exchanges with Senators.  So far it’s all been kind of boring for the novice who basically waits for the highlights on the news.  People would tune in, and unlike Biden, Schiff is sharp and articulate.