If I was to run with some of the arguments I’ve heard over the recently rejected wind farm proposal, I would have to believe that wind is less green than fossil fuels.  What has been quoted is that wind farms now kill or injure 150,000 birds per year.  But the Exxon Valdiz spill alone killed 250,000 birds, and the spills which occur every year kill many more.

It’s not completely clean.  No energy source is.  But even if we were to abandon electricity altogether, 8 billion people lighting fires across the planet would have a huge impact.  So it’s not a question of whether there is a footprint.  It’s a question of which is larger.  Right now the only major source of electricity in Humboldt County is a natural gas burner.

I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the Terra Gen proposal meetings.  But I find it darkly amusing when leftish activists and Trump are in line with each other on anti-wind talking points.