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And the beat goes on.

Josh Marshall lays it out.

I flipped on the TPM video machine this morning to get this clip I mentioned in which Chuck Schumer was asked whether the House should hold up sending its articles of impeachment to the Senate if the Senate won’t agree to hold an actual trial. But when I was doing that I happened on this moment when Mike Barnicle asked Schumer: “how do you explain the lack of fervor for impeachment among ordinary working Americans?” This was only moments after the panel was discussing a new Fox poll which found that 54% of voters think Trump should be impeached and 50% think he should be removed from office.

The Fox News poll.

All this crowing on the part of Republican and fret among some leftists – you know it was all well in the news in last month’s election and the Democrats killed it in the most significant results.  We’ve had poll after poll showing support for impeachment, but one poll taken before the public hearings were over generated a media narrative of independents “souring” on impeachment (support for impeachment had dropped a few points in that poll).  Despite it all being an outlier, nobody seems to be taking into account the fact that people are not stupid.  They see the Republican reps screaming, interrupting, repeating the same points over and over again and they know that there is no substantive defense.

And the Senate Republicans aren’t even pretending their trial, if they hold one, is going to be objective and fair.  Moscow Mitch is taking direct orders from Trump’s lawyers.

But I think that the whole “shooting someone on Fifth Avenue” theme may be wearing short with voters.

There are of course other polls, including the Q poll, which look less promising for Democrats, but most of those polls do not separate the questions of impeachment from actual removal.  What’s interesting about the Fox poll is that it also does not and still has more voters supporting removal.


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