Trump has pretty much driven off the grown-ups and now surrounds himself with sycophants, so it’s no wonder that he’s shocked when the news coverage doesn’t match up with what his entourage is telling him.  He’s on another Twitter tantrum today.

Meanwhile, a couple of myths have died in these hearings.  First, Volker pretty much did in the conspiracy theories around Joe Biden.  I mean, I do think it’s odd that his son got paid so much for whatever he did, and I think the company was hoping to buy some influence.  Did they receive it?  That would be a fair investigation, but I think the DOJ already did some preliminary work and found there was nothing.  I don’t think they expected to get anything from the Ukrainian investigation itself, but they desperately wanted the announcement, which alone would have diminished Biden.

The other myth blown out of the water this morning is the Ukrainian election interference theory.

And David Holmes, whose testimony Sondland confirmed yesterday, provides yet another piece of evidence which by itself supports impeachment.  Sondland couldn’t deny it, so he answered “yes” quickly to Schiff’s confirming questions.  It’s clearly rattled Trump who says it’s impossible to overhear his voice on a cell phone from a few feet away.

What’s even left to debate?