It comes down to a rich kid flake whose story keeps changing.  How will he respond to the lunch conversation testimony.  Apparently there are two more witnesses in the wings if he contradicts Holmes.  But maybe he can pull a Trump and say he doesn’t remember, “not even a little bit.”

Whichever side doesn’t like what he has to say is going to use his contradictory testimony to discredit him, and he may find himself facing perjury charges.  I wouldn’t want to be in his seat tomorrow.  Will he take the 5th?

But it doesn’t matter.  Unless centrist Democrats lose their nerve, there will be an impeachment vote.  The Democrats approach – they are methodically building a case which will be summarized by Schiff before it goes to a vote.  The soundbites don’t really matter to them.  They are presenting a legal case.

The Republicans are trying to win the theater looking for headlines.  They made a mistake bringing in Jordan.  He really doesn’t know what he’s doing, and his attempt to discredit Col. Vindman today blew up in his face.  Jordan should really just quit Congress and go back to covering up for sexual assault at Ohio State.  And the only memorable moment from Nunes came when he forgot that Vindman is a Lieutenant Colonel.

And the three witnesses who were on the fateful phone call were appalled at what they heard, even if they describe it simply as “irregular,” “inappropriate,” and “unusual.”

Volker meanwhile was on the run today!  Does anybody really believe that he didn’t link Burisma with Biden?  Does anybody really believe that the attempt to stash the phone call transcript away as top secret or whatever was “administrative error?”  Does anybody believe Volker when he says that he would have objected if he had known that Trump was calling on a foreign government to investigate Biden?  But one thing is clear – he doesn’t want any part of it all now!

These were the Republican witnesses and they still hurt Trump.  The best they got was, “Well, I didn’t really see the public announcement as a condition.”  Does anybody believe that Trump wanted the public statement to know that Zelensky was serious?

At this point does anybody really believe that Trump was demanding an investigation because he was concerned about corruption in Ukraine?  Do you honestly believe that?

I mean seriously, do you really believe these things?

Oh, and no, Vindman did not admit that he is the leaker.  That’s a misreading of what he said.  Nice try though.

Lastly, what happened to Morrison questioning Vindman’s credibility?  I think the Republicans didn’t want to go there.  They had Trump on anti-tweet medication all morning.

So when is the DOJ going to open an investigation into Biden?

Meanwhile, Senator Murphy says that Zelensky was definitely feeling the pressure.