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Rachel Maddow, who was clearly a Clinton supporter in the 2016 primaries, did recently have Bernie on for an interview and it was friendly as any other.  But this is about the third or fourth article I’ve seen claiming that he’s being squeezed out of MSNBC coverage.  I just don’t watch it enough to have a sense of my own.

Addendum:  Well, based on the chart in the article, Maddow, if anything, has been pretty positive towards Bernie.  Most of the other hosts, not so much.

There is a lot of division in their camp at the moment.

Lindsay Graham is saying he doesn’t want to call hearsay witnesses.  So will the Senate subpoena the named direct witnesses?  If they do, will Trump let them testify?  If not, what will the Senate Republicans do?

I suppose they can subpoena the whistle blower as the House Republicans ask, but once the proceedings are in a trial setting there are two huge risks about that.  One is that the whistle blower’s attorneys fight the subpoena in court which would probably look bad and also drag the matter out – one of the issues of contention between the Republicans is how long the trial should be.  The second is that the whistle blower actually shows up, and there is a lot of danger in that.

There is also talk of bringing in Hunter Biden to testify, but that’s extremely dangerous politically and it could blow up on them.

And so if they bring in the direct witnesses and they contradict what the hearsay witnesses have testified to, in a court of law the hearsay becomes relevant as evidence of a prior inconsistent statement.  Will they refuse to bring the witnesses to what they actually said in to testify about that?

Actually, they have to set their strategy ahead of time, as Justice Roberts will preside once they begin and he will determine whether rebuttal witnesses can be called.  Will he bar rebuttal witnesses?

Walking by newspaper machines in Santa Rosa – all of the headlines are about Trump’s tweets as witness intimidation.  Anybody not paying attention to the headlines are going to see and be influenced by those headlines.  Only Steve Jordan defended the President’s tweet, and he’s coming across as kind of unhinged.


“Please allow the witness to leave.”


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