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It looks like the Democrats have flipped the Senate in Virginia.  They needed one seat flip and AP is calling it.  Democrats are ahead in more than half of the races in the lower house, but there’s still a lot of counting and a bunch of close calls.

Democrat John Bell has defeated Trump-endorsed Geary Higgins by a 54-46 margin.  Trump made this one a race of national significance.

A Democrat may upset the Trump-favored Republican in Kentucky in a race which ought to be a cakewalk for Republicans!  But Matt Bevin is very unpopular.  He lost by 30,000 votes in Fayette County where Trump rallied last night.  It’s a nail-biter though!

Update 6:04 p.m. – Well, the last of the Louisville precincts have reported and left Beshear with about a 10,000 vote lead with 98 percent of precincts counted.  But there are about half a dozen red counties still reporting, and only six precincts in one blue county.  This is going to get closer before it’s done!  In fact, we may not know the certain results tonight.

But it shouldn’t have been this close and Trump made the race a referendum on him!

Update 6:08 – that’s all the blue counties accounted for!  Three red counties with no votes counted, and a few red precincts scattered around – although there are blue precincts in red counties sometimes.  But Beshear is ahead by 12 thousand votes.  I’d rather be in his position than Bevin’s.

Update 6:16 – I’m calling it even if AP won’t – Beschear has lost.  Bevin dismantled ACA and went all in on opposing the impeachment.  And he lost in one of the reddest states in the country.  This is huge!

I’m driving home.  Plenty more races to report on.  Will sign back on later.

Oh wait, Dkos is reporting that ranked choice voting passed by a huge margin in NY City!  That’s cool.

And in Virginia, the Democrats have locked up 20 (of 40) Senate spots, and lead in two more races.  It appears that they have the Senate and look like they will take the House of Delegates.  Also huge!

Okay, later.

Update 7:45 – The Democrats have both houses in Virginia and Kentucky has a Democratic governor.

Also in Virginia, the woman who was fired for flipping Trump off has won her supervisor race.

And it looks like a Republican win in Mississippi, but it does seem that most of the areas to be counted are blue.

Update 8:30 – Tucson votes down the Sanctuary measure.

But the legislature win in Virginia is huge!  It means all the voter suppression in Virginia will come to an end.

Update 10:05 – From dkos in summary

It’s nearing midnight on the East Coast, but the Daily Kos Elections team isn’t quite done yet with Election Night 2019. Still a few races left to put in the shed, but first a recap:

  • The story of the night has to be the narrow defeat of incumbent Republican Gov. Matt Bevin at the hands of Democrat Andy Beshear in Kentucky, a state Donald Trump carried by a 63-33 margin. With all precincts tallied, Beshear holds a likely insurmountable 5150 vote lead over Bevin. As expected, Beshear has declared victory, while Bevin is fussing like an unchanged toddler, claiming irregularities. Which, as many have noted, would be a bit bizarre, considering that Republicans swept every other statewide office by varying margins.
  • Meanwhile, Democrats have claimed both houses in the Virginia state legislature. With a handful of races in limbo, the Democrats seem destined for no less than 21 seats (out of 40) in the Senate, and 54 (out of 100) seats in the House of Delegates
  • One bright spot for the GOP, and they are few and far between: they have held onto the governorship in Mississippi, where Republican Tate Reeves leads Democrat Jim Hood by a 53-45 margin. The GOP also looks to have picked up a small handful of legislative seats in the Magnolia State.
  • The GOP also cut into the legislative majority of the Democrats in New Jersey, picking off at least four seats in the state Assembly and one in the state Senate. The Democrats still have large majorities in both, however.
  • On the local level, Democrats picked up the mayor’s office in Wichita, Kansas, while holding onto their offices in Indianapolis and Manchester (NH). They also claimed at least one county executive’s office in New York state.
Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019 · 8:59:30 PM PST · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: And there is the confirmation. The AP has “un-called” HD-83, which had been called earlier in the night for Republican incumbent Del. Chris Stolle. Now, with all precincts apparently tallied, Stolle trails Democrat Nancy Guy by 18 votes. If that holds, it would be the sixth pickup for the Democrats


On my way into the office today I was listening to Democracy Now and I heard Amy Goodman discuss today’s referendum in Tucson saying that if passed it would be the first Sanctuary measure to be passed by ballot instead of a city council or legislative body. I’m kind of annoyed, because I and others tried to contact her and other national progressive media about Measure K’s passing last year, and we got no response.
Please help me correct them. More contact is more likely to draw their attention. It would be great if she airs a correction tomorrow morning.

The story from beginning to present summarized nicely.

And here is The Hill’s five takeaways from the transcripts released so far.


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