Emerson poll – with some interesting notes.

Harris should probably drop out as this is her home state and she’s in single digits fifth behind Yang.  She made an impression as being “tough” when she went after Biden in the first debate, but then leftists in California started posting about her very conservative prosecution record and the fact that she was essentially recruited by the “downtown interests” in San Francisco to defeat Terrence Hallinan, a genuine progressive DA who prosecuted white collar crime and cop abuses of power.  She was young, black, and female and so shiny to clueless tech liberals with no understanding of the politics and history of their city.

Also, she probably started selling out too quickly moving from a Medicare for All position to maintaining private insurance overnight.  You should at least wait until you’ve won a few primaries/caucuses before selling out!

Warren is in third in a “statistical tie” with Biden and Bernie.  She will probably improve after last night’s rally and her campaign is on fire!