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Rolling Stone lays it out, but with Biden appearing to lose it and slipping in the polls, Bernie maxed out and unable to move far beyond the activist left and white working class for primary support (so far), and Harris not making much traction even with African American voters, some eyes are turning to look at Elizabeth Warren.

She’s done exceptionally well in the first two debates sans theatrics and overstatement – the intellectual contrast to Trump.  She knows her stuff and doesn’t get baited.

There was, however, that damned specter of “electability” also was wafting through the room. It was much less odorous but no less repugnant. This phantom is conjured in virtually all discussions about the Democratic primary contest, derived largely from archetypes of older white men whom Americans are more accustomed to seeing run for office and therefore electing. It smothers critical thinking about the presidential race so much that it appears that many are convinced that “electability” is indeed a living, breathing thing when it is in fact an apparition, a hasty creation of the party elites and pundit classes that serves as a convenient substitute for the vetting that desperately needs to occur before a nominee goes up against President Trump next fall. Even though more than 160 days remain between now and the first Iowa caucus, this unanswerable question lingers more prominently than do major quandaries about candidate qualifications. 

To the extent polls matter at this point, Warren remains within mere percentage points of frontrunner Joe Biden, despite her constant stream of detailed policy plans seeming to go against the conventional wisdom that Democrats need to focus only on beating Trump to win the nomination. Yes, this can happen for her. 

I’m still supporting Sanders and will until he drops out.  But as everyone is so fond of saying, “Nobody expected Trump to win the primary, let alone the general election.”  There are a million reasons why Senator Warren can’t win.  But there are also a million reason she can.  She doesn’t have corruption baggage, other than the Native American thing which is already old and Trump’s name for her has already pretty much galvanized the Native vote against him if it wasn’t before. They can try to tar her as “far left,” but she makes the sale for her policies, without being too wonkish.

It’s too early to tell, but a President Warren is far from impossible.

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