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I watched parts of each night.  Here are my thoughts as I quickly typed out on Facebook.

Night 1.

Okay, I didn’t say much.  Here are some clips over several posts and discussion threads.

I’m coming in late, but from what it looks like it’s Bernie and Warren against all the rest – contentiously. Everybody was expecting Bernie and Warren to go at each other, but they look like the Dynamic Duo using teamwork to fight off all the Penguin’s minions. I know that’s a trite description, but it’s what comes to mind.


I am impressed by the depth of policy being discussed in this silly one minute response format. They’re all doing pretty well. Even Williamson.


I can’t believe that there are Democrats who oppose a non-first strike nuclear war policy. Really?!


Quote of the night:  “I don’t understand, why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the United States just to talk about what we really can’t do and shouldn’t fight for.”


The winners of the night are Bernie and Warren, with the loser being CNN as they didn’t take the bait and basically tag teamed against the Legion of Bland.  It was a fascinating thing to watch. It’s called putting a long term progressive agenda over immediate political interests. I’m sure when the field is narrowed, they will distinguish themselves from each other because their platforms are in fact different. But I bet it will be respectful.

I actually like Delaney, but I think this satire captures his message in the debate.

Night 2

Heard portions of the debate on talk radio while driving to the Bay Area and watched part of it when I got to my parents. What can I say? Booker and Castro looked “good” but they looked just as good in the last debate and it didn’t move their poll numbers. Biden did better, but he looks tired. I don’t want to be ageist, but he really doesn’t seem like he’s got what he had. It’s not just age – Bernie is older but he has energy.

I think Harris has to come up with an act other than attacking Biden on bussing. She took some shots from Biden and Gabbard, some of the points which were circulated by progressives after the last debate. I don’t think it’ll hurt her much in the polls, but she didn’t have a good night and it makes me wonder why she’s running other than pure ambition. She doesn’t seem to represent anything. I’m not seeing any idealism, just cold pragmatism.

I think Gilibrand is done.

Gabbard looked good going at Harris. She definitely pushed to participate more this time and maybe made an impression. We’ll see.

I think Yang said something about Asians liking math.

Unlike last night, there wasn’t much substantive policy discussion that I heard. Maybe I missed it.

Horrible format. 60 second answers are a waste of time.

And from now on, anytime I don’t want to answer a question, about anything, I’m just going to say, “That’s a Republican talking point.”


Okay, that’s about it.  Wake me up when they’re down to about 5 or 6 candidates.




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