Here’s my screenshot of the current Redheaded Blackbelt home page.  Note that there are three stories on the right column entitled “crime.”  Note that of four suspects shown in photographs of this page three of them are white as snow.  Note that the fourth is not.

Now note that there are 3 comments attached to one story; 10 comments attached to another story; and 83 comments attacked to the third.

Note the skin color of the person photographed in that third story.  Now go to those comments (84 now, 1 added since I took the screenshot).   Note the very first comment:  “I really wish I could say the obvious.”  And what follows is a long discussion about his skin color and it’s supposed relationship to the crime alleged.

So far in the other two stories, no discussion of their skin color.  And no, their crimes are no less serious.  Both involve violence or threat thereof.

As there are no Latinos photoed in the stories, there is no discussion today about how they’re protected by Sanctuary (usually by people who have no idea what Sanctuary even means) or how we need a wall.

This folks is collective racism.

No criticism of Kym at all.  Her stories are fine.  But this is the climate in which we live.  This is why dog whistle politics work.  This is why the country is divided.

Screenshot 2019-07-17 17.02.02