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Well, this is fun.  I was asked to comment about the Sheriff whining about having to type a one-sentence report. Just a little unnerved about the comment below – not unlike a couple of messages I received during the Measure K campaign. I’m sure it’s just an idiot shooting his or her mouth, but I do have kids and it’s really inappropriate.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff claimed during the campaign that having to make this report would cost up to $180,000 dollars. Maybe he can itemize that? Oh, it’s a biannual report – so I guess they’re 90 grand a piece.

Here’s the quote – next to what appears to be a burning cross.

“Eric Kirk is a traitorous poltroon, an old-fashioned left wing ambulance chaser who throws California to the cartels and other criminals. Sanctuary city and state supporters are pure evil. They are Marxists who simply wish to flood the state and the country with illegals who they hope will be able to vote Demonrat one day. Vicious, despicable reds determined to destroy America.”

And yeah, I did, in my conversation with Shomik, discuss the whole “concentration camps” controversy. I thought it was a side discussion and didn’t expect that to make it into the article. But it’s there and now I’m on record along with AOC.

Fun times.

TS article – comment below

It’s now a full blow humanitarian crisis.

Details on the kids camp.

On the Border Patrol’s lawyer who argued that kids don’t need toothbrushes, soap, or beds.

More children die of dehydration at the border, while the government tries to prosecute people who provide water and food.

The asylum hearings are a joke, barely meeting the requirements of formality.

Trump tries to rewrite history again.

And meanwhile, we debate whether anything other than Nazi camps should be referred to as “concentration camps.”  Surviving Japanese-American internees chime in about that.




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