Don’t read below the fold if you don’t want spoilers!


I’ll be really quick about this. As we can predict, Jon Snow and a bunch of guys are going to attempt a military coup against the Mad Queen. They will manage to kill the dragon and Grey Worm, but the coup will fail and all be executed. Jon will have to be executed other than by dragon because he’s impervious to fire for the same reason Dany is. Then Arya will try to kill her, but will also fail and die – probably betrayed by her newly Lorded boyfriend. It’s all pretty hopeless as Dany and her army, mostly of Unsullied and Dothraki brought from across the sea and tamed into fascist stormtroopers, approach Riverfell to defeat Sansa. Sansa’s forces are defeated, Brienne is killed defending Sansa. Brann is killed after he gives some sort of cryptic prophetic statement about how the Game of Thrones ever ends. And then Dany pragmatically offers “mercy” and allows Sansa to bend the knee. Dramatic pause. Sansa bends the knee. Dany has a resolute expression. Fade.

Months or years later – perhaps many years later as the long winter is coming to an end – an older Sansa is holding court embittered by years of paying tribute to King’s Landing which takes much and produces nothing for the winter. Jaime Lannister (or possibly Tyrion – maybe he’s disappeared after the fall of King’s Landing, or maybe he stuck around and was killed along with Jon and the others after the coup attempt) has been caught entering the city. Sansa asks why she shouldn’t have him executed. He responds with a proposal for an alliance – with Cersei. (In a series like GOT never trust a death if you don’t see the body).

We didn’t see her body. Cersei is alive.

Sansa glares at the messenger. Which direction will she take? Fade to credits.