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This story originated with the Sheriff report of ICE contacts for 2018, which include contacts which are now prohibited under Measure K. We will receive the first Measure K based report in June. It wasn’t really all that much of a story to cover, so I was asked some general questions about Measure K, the costs which were estimated by County officials during the campaign (it does appear that the Sheriff has greatly reduced his estimates), and the value of ICE contacts as a law enforcement “tool.” I’m juxtaposed against the Sheriff as if we’re debating something, but we were talking different topics. I look forward to a more comprehensive review of Measure K in the future – maybe with a little more foresight. I got the call as I was leaving the courthouse at about 10 to 5 and they asked if I could drive over to the station to prepare for a story at 6:00.  The reporters there are extremely talented, but I think they had to rush this for a deadline.



“Brandie Wilson, who once battled substance abuse and homelessness, rose above tough circumstances and created the Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction to assist others in recovery. With counseling, meals, health care clinics, and new clothes, the center has been able to move people from volunteer positions to stipend peer leader posts and into regular paying jobs. Because of her active participation in assisting others in need of recovery, Brandi has been named the 2019 Healthcare Hero. To celebrate her and other extraordinary heroes, please join us for the 2019 Heroes Breakfast on May 17th. ”

Tickets can be purchased here.




He is still deciding if he will run, but he has filed the initial paperwork.   LoCo obviously checks with the County regularly!

Estelle confirms that she will run for reelection.

No current opponents for Rex Bohn (though I keep hearing rumors) or Mike Wilson, but it’s still early.

As right wingers chant “Six Million More” on Holocaust Remembrance Day weekend.

New Mexico is now the 14th state to pledge it’s electoral college votes to the winner of the national popular vote.  Apparently there is nothing in the Constitution which prohibits it.  States can choose their electors pretty much however they want.

“California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington state and the District of Columbia have all joined the compact.”

These are mostly solid blue states so the compact is probably of very little practical consequence until and unless the voting demographics change in each.  New Mexico and Colorado seem to be the only states which even approach “battleground” status, but if the Democrats were to lose either they probably wouldn’t be winning the popular vote anyway.   Clinton took all of these states and of course DC (which has voted Democratic every election since FDR first ran).  But it does take New Mexico and Colorado off the table for Trump in 2020, and his camp had hopes to flip them.

Oregon will probably pass it in the next session, but that’s also a pretty solid blue state.

The states where it has passed in one legislative branch are more problematic for Republicans should they turn:   Arizona, Arkansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.  Of them, only Maine has been solidly blue in Presidential elections over the past few decades.



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