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So I wonder if the anonymous posters in the Auditor-Controller thread want to come back and explain how the problems with the County’s Human Resources Department is a matter of personal style of the Auditor-Controller?

And somehow Mr. Blanck has two complaints filed against him as well.

Blanck says he was placed on paid leave for two complaints against him that suddenly arose after he pointed out that DeMatteo was using the outside law firm for a litany of purposes and denying him the chance to review the subsequent payments. In essence, Blanck says, he was targeted for raising questions about DeMatteo’s payments.

“Defendant DeMatteo was acting outside the course and scope of her employment by violating state law and falsely reporting matters to management about Plaintiff Blanck with the purpose of preventing his inquiries regarding the use of (Liebert, Cassidy and Whitmore),” the suit reads.

Let’s also explain how this is also the fault of North Coast Peoples Alliance.

“Faced with Chairman Nadler’s blatant abuse of power, and at the Attorney General’s request, the President has no other option than to make a protective assertion of executive privilege,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement Wednesday.

Quiz:  Can anybody explain why this was a major screw-up of a statement?

That statement will be Exhibit A in the inevitable court proceedings.

Full story here.


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