Mostly the usual suspects, but a few progressive appearances including Connie Stewart and Patty Berg.

I don’t see any of the three elected legislators, but there is an ongoing issue between them and local Democrats over local endorsements.  The three really pissed off the local Democrats last year over the endorsement of Sundberg who lost to Madrone.  Rex’s opponent Allen McCloskey was involved in trying to get the legislators to confer with local Democrats before making endorsements, and signed on a complaint filed with the state Party as to whether endorsing Republicans over Democrats was a violation of ADEM delegate rules.  But in order to raise such a challenge, the local Democratic Party rules would have to be compliant with state rules – and currently local rules allow the elected Central Committee members to vote on resolutions by secret ballot.  The progressive wing recently attempted to make the local by-laws compliant but the vote was 11-11 and a by-laws change requires a 2/3 vote.

So Huffman, McGuire, and Wood are free to endorse Rex Bohn even though he’s running against a Democrat as the local party cannot issue a challenge with the ADEM process.   Sen. McGuire did endorse Rex the last time around as you can see in his 2015 kick-off. I don’t remember if Huffman and/or Wood endorsed him.

This should be a spirited campaign.  Allen has a huge hill to climb in the county’s most conservative district, but as my friend the late Dennis Huber used to say, “If you’re not on the ballot, you’ve already lost.”  And Allen’s people are charged up.