I’ve had several private conversations about the Mueller Report and for whatever reason some people want my opinion.

First, it’s hard for me to have an opinion about something I haven’t read. We have a cryptic report from an operative who advised Bush, Sr. to abuse the pardon system to kill the Iran-Contra investigations. Assuming that his report accurately describes what’s in the report, I have a number of questions. The investigation was narrowly tailored to investigate the possibility that members of the Trump campaign had coordinated with a Russian campaign of interference in a criminal way. I want to know what Mueller concluded about the numerous meetings Trump’s people had with Russians. What his conclusions are as to why they tried to hide it. They claim that Russians made offers to interfere in the election. Why weren’t these conversations brought to the attention of law enforcement or national security authority? What was Manafort’s purpose in sharing internal polling data with Russians if they weren’t colluding. Barr’s summary includes a footnote which defines “collusion” as a tacit or express agreement to coordinate. Why did he go out of his way to provide that definition?

It’s probably out of the scope of his investigation, but did he come across any information as to why the Russians had such a hard-on to get Trump elected? Does he have any thoughts about the extreme deference Trump has given to Putin and the Russian leadership? Does he have information about the loans Trump took out when banks everywhere else were refusing him credit?

I’m much more interested in whether the Presidency is compromised. Whether Russian oligarchs have a hold on him. He certainly acts that way, although he seems to have affinity with just about every dictator on the planet unless they’re Muslim or Latino.

I want to know why Mueller punted on the question of obstruction. Why would Trump obstruct? If he’s clean why has he been whining so loudly about it the whole time? What did he want to hide? Is he really just so deeply offended that he had to repeat “No collusion” 231 times? Does anyone really believe that?

On the upside, right wingers are now joining the left in calling for full disclosure. They really think Obama abused the FISA court system by presenting false evidence to obtain warrants. Hey, I’m all for full disclosure. Let’s all see what was presented as probable cause! And careful what you wish for.

I’m thinking it’s maybe a good thing the frenzy will be over. Everyone was waiting on Mueller. But he passed some stuff off to several federal jurisdictions, and I think Schiff will move quietly for awhile in the House Intelligence Committee. There are still a few investigative reporters out there. Some may let their guard down. Nobody in the Trump campaign will be convicted for collusion. But the same report details two prongs of Russian interference the hacking of Democratic Party emails and the flooding of social media with misinformation. It was one-sided – clearly aimed at getting Trump elected, not merely to “sow discord” as the NPR reporters like to say. It’s clear that someone in Russia views the current Presidency as a Russian asset.


This also takes pressure off the Democrats to push for impeachment.  Impeachment is probably the Constitution’s most poorly conceived process anyway.  I’m convinced that if there had been the Internet, Fox News, and hate radio in the early 1970s that Nixon would have served out his second term.  That was a different time.

But there are limits.  To my right wing friends I say, “Keep high-fiving!”