Conway is calling for Adam Schiff’s resignation – yeah that’s going to happen.

Of course Barr, who advised Bush, Sr. to pardon everyone in Iran-Contra, has nixed prosecution on the obstruction issue.  Of course if there was no underlying crime, why was there obstruction?  And while it may not have been a crime, if the Trump campaign received over a dozen offers of help from Russians, why weren’t those offers turned over to the FBI?

Schiff meanwhile is criticizing Mueller for not interviewing Trump.

But I think Mueller did the job as well as he could.  The focus of the investigation was on whether Trump’s people aided the Russian effort to get him elected.  It’s not even clear as to whether such actions are illegal.  For instance, Manafort giving the Russians polling data wasn’t a crime.

I look forward to reading the report.  And let’s see where the remaining investigations go.

Meanwhile Nunes wants the report destroyed.  What does he know about what’s in it?

“I’ve thought for a long time that the working template for presidential scandals is not Watergate, but Iran Contra. Protect the president at all costs, and go to the base to say it’s a witch hunt. Worked for Bill Clinton eventually, too.”

—Dave Wiegel