I’ve been asked in the threads below to comment on the “New Green Deal.”  I was accused of “dodging” because I said I have no opinion as I don’t really know what it is.  So I decided to read up, and I still don’t really know what it is.  When it finally gels into a detailed proposal, I suspect that I will agree with most of it.

My understanding, just from the title, is that it’s going to be modeled after the New Deal which pulled the US out of the Great Depression with stimulus programs focused on rebuilding and converting infrastructure.   I think we’re going to need some kind of comprehensive policy to this effect given the climate crises and other issues of sustainability and environmental degradation.  New technologies have been developing, and probably it’s going to require some national and international effort to reorient the infrastructure for the production and distribution of goods, travel, power, etc.

But I don’t see this as something which can be passed in one law.  We would need hearings with testimony from experts, industry representatives, consumer advocates, environmentalists, labor unions, etc. to identify the problems and propose comprehensive solutions.

So we do need to consider what our biggest impacts are right now, what technology has been developed, what tech is in the works, and whether we need to reorient our concepts of industry, and environmentalism.  For instance, there is a younger generation of environmentalists looking at changes in nuclear power technology (liquid cores which reduce melt-down risks, smaller plants to avoid mega disasters and less dependency on large plants to fuel the grid, etc.).  It means we finally catch up with the rest of the world with regard to public transit and, yes, work towards a national high speed rail system (although I have questions as to whether it would work here on a national scale, but we need to consider everything).

And we need to find ways for people without a college education to be productive and be able to earn a living in a rapidly changing global and national economy.

So yes, I support a “New Green Deal.”  But what that means, and what proposals I’ll support – we’ll see.