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Reenactment of Paul Robeson at HUAC performed by James Earl Jones. The transcript of the hearing is available through the link. The reenactment is an abridged cleaned-up version, but the essential content is the same.  Amazing how Jones sounds so much like Robeson.

Here’s the transcript.

I ran into Matthew at a fundraiser and he told me he had a new post coming out which would be noteworthy on several local issues.  The post is up.

I have a few responses.  First, I don’t think the photograph would have made a difference in the 5th District election.  Ryan Sundberg lost because he had always relied on Native support combined with conservative votes.  But he lost the former because his water protection policies were weak at best, if not bad, and because Madrone has Tribal confidence in his history and abilities regarding the same.  Basically, Sundberg made the mistake of taking the Native vote for granted.

Everybody knows that Madrone is a hippie.  It’s not a headline.  His last name is “Madrone.”  Duh.   It’s not much of a liability anymore, certainly not in the 5th District.

And the DUI thing – Sundberg didn’t want to go there because it would have led to a rehashing of his own DUI and the suppression of it which was successful right up to a day or two before the election when even the North Coast Journal refused to publish about it to avoid being “used” by an operative who had discovered it and sent it to the papers.  It also revealed that for some reason his DUI had never been published along with the other arrests in the Times Standard, which the latter attributed to some sort of computer error.   I think Sundberg clearly didn’t want to go there.


I pretty much stayed out of the McKinleyville statue debate because I was focused on Measure K and Eureka City Council races and because I’m not an Arcata resident.  Matthew wants to litigate it again with comparisons to other Presidents including Lincoln.  But for me the issue wasn’t whether McKinleyville was better or worse than other Presidents.  The issue was whether the statute at the center of town represents Arcata’s values here in the 21st century.  I was actually glad to see it on the ballot so that issue could be determined.  Does the statue represent current Arcata values?  The answer was a resounding “no.”

That other Presidents were worse is beside the point.  McKinley was President at a pivotal point in history – when colonialism was giving way to neo-colonialism and the US was looking to become an empire.  He was ostensibly for a peaceful resolution with Spain which by all accounts was ready to give up Cuba without a fight, as it was more of a liability than an asset given the rebellion.  He probably didn’t want to go to war, but he caved to his VP (Teddy Roosevelt) using the possibly false-flag incident of the sinking of the Maine to justify a war not just over Cuba, but really over the Philippines (initiating a very bloody occupational war there) and other societies which would become “territories” (the then PC word for colony).  His Presidency represents the transition of the US to superpower with the compulsion to involve itself all over the planet to protect its “interests.”

McKinley may not have been gun ho about it, but it happened on his watch.  That is the primary historical significance of his Presidency.  And a statue rarely memorializes a person.  In this case it memorialized a Presidency and a truly horrific moment in history.

Should Andrew Jackson be in a 20 dollar bill?  Probably not.


Correction:  The video he posted on the blog is different from the doxing video he had sent me in an earlier separate email.  This one is just the Fox News interview!  Apologies to Matthew.

Lastly, my biggest hesitation about linking to the post is the video which doxed a local activist by posting paperwork with contact information which led to an epic harassment campaign from right wingers crawling out from under rocks.  The cat is out of the bag, but the individual who generated the video is an asshole and a bully.  I won’t post it here and I will delete it if anyone else does.  It was a scummy thing to do.   Matthew should not maintain the link, but that’s his choice and if the cat was not already out of the bag and wreaking havoc on the activist’s life, I wouldn’t link to his post.




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