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I don’t know how I will vote in the primaries, but I do think people should take a closer look at Sen. Sherrod Brown. He’s not as left in all his positions as Bernie or Warren, but he is a bona fide progressive who has twice fought off more dark money than any candidate other than President Obama. And his policies appeal to working class voters. Conservative commentator George Will sees him as the strongest candidate to defeat Trump – No Republican President was ever elected without winning Ohio.
The problem is that he currently lacks name recognition and will be going up against some pretty well-known very dynamic people. How does he break through? Well, if he’s an effective leader he’ll find a way.
“Last month Brown, 66, became just the fifth Ohio senator since the popular election of senators began in 1914 to achieve a third term, winning by 6 percentage points in a state Donald Trump carried by 8 points, a state no Republican has lost while winning the presidency. Brown did 20 points better than Hillary Clinton’s 2016 results in Appalachian Ohio and the industrial Mahoning Valley, and 15 points better in Lucas County, an autoworkers’ stronghold. If Democrats are looking for a lefty who can win in 2020, they should look at Brown as seriously as he is looking at running.
The fact that he is a political lifer — elected Ohio’s secretary of state in 1982 at 29, he then served seven terms in Congress — seems less like a defect than a credential now that the nation is two years into its experiment with treating the presidency as an entry-level public office. In the most important vote during Brown’s 25 years on Capitol Hill, he voted against the resolution authorizing the invasion of Iraq.”


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