I’m in Episode 5 and I’m kind of losing interest.  I want more Doug Fir interview.

But anyway, former Sheriff Downey was interviewed and says, speaking of the vigilante action, that hearsay is not the basis for probable cause.

I just want to makes sure everyone knows that the statement is completely false.  Hearsay can be the basis for probable cause.  It’s inadmissible at trial (barring an exception and there are numerous exceptions), but it can be the basis for probable cause.  Especially if there is additional evidence, such as, oh I don’t know – the suspect led people to a grave?

I don’t know what the Sheriff’s game was, but I can understand why people concluded extreme incompetence, extreme indifference, or both.  I say this as someone who does not see the eight vigilantes as heroes.

I’ll have more to say when I’m done watching, but I found the first couple of episodes more interesting.  Right now it’s watching like a typical television crime docudrama.