The North Coast Journal has a round-up of local measures including K, and although a revision may be in the works the Sheriff is doubling down on the prior estimate with really vague claims about needs for “training.”  I don’t know what happened to the “tracking and reporting,” but at least he’s not repeating his assertion that the Measure would require him to track ICE activities within the County.

And his other arguments are contradictory.  On the one hand he criticizes K as redundant because of SB54.  On the other hand he talks about all this training to deal with the once-a-year cases in which he contacts ICE, and I’m not quite sure what he thinks K requires in terms of such “training.”  But he’s sticking to the $85,000 to $130,000 estimate.  It would be nice if he could break it down.

For the record, here are the costs as analyzed by Angela Chan, Policy Director and Senior Staff Attorney of the Asian Law Caucus.  This is how a legislative analysis should be structured.

Okay, I have to figure out how I can format it.  Will repost later.