August 29, 2018

Dear Friends & Allies,

On behalf of Centro del Pueblo and the Committee For Measure K, I’m writing to respectfully urge you to make a donation to Measure K, the Humboldt County Sanctuary Initiative, on this November ballot. Please make your donation at:

Please donate to YES on Measure K so that County resources serve the local needs of our community rather than national political interests.

Most families include a mix of US citizen, legal resident, and undocumented members, and everyone is affected by overzealous enforcement. Humboldt families face horrible realities:

-Parents fear taking their children to school or to the doctor for fear of being reported;
-Aggressive immigration enforcement tears families apart;
-Families fear interacting with local law enforcement or even reporting fires;

These issues affect everyone. When people are too afraid to seek services, the entire community suffers from higher rates of unsolved criminality, spreading of disease, and a lack of social mobility. Measure K addresses these issues by:
-Offering parental preference regarding custody and residence if separated from children. Measure K recognizes the importance of family cohesion.
-Helping law enforcement. County funds will not be used to investigate or report immigration status which will encourage crime reporting and cooperation, and local resources will not be used for unfunded mandates.
-Encouraging families to access vital services. Immigrants will be more likely to consistently take children to school and access health care and other vital services, reducing risks to the larger community. Saving local law enforcement money and resources.
-Measure K legally prohibits detentions solely for immigration enforcement purposes and prohibits random fingerprinting.
Avoiding unnecessary pain to families and community. In cases of mandatory Immigration enforcement, Measure K ensures humane procedures.

-Nothing in Measure K prevents the arrest or prosecution of criminals, regardless of immigration status.
-Measure K will cost very little, mainly one-time paper copying costs.
-Provisions of Measure K ensure that there is no risk to federal funding of county programs.
-Immigrants are our neighbors and vital to community.

Your donation will help us pay for brochures, lawn signs, phone-banking lists, and other things essential to running a viable, grassroots campaign.

Thank you- Gracias!

Renee Saucedo, Brenda Perez, Ruby Aguirre, Xochitl Cabrera, Diego Ortiz, Lisa Phillips- Centro del Pueblo and the Committee For Measure K

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