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The Peace and Freedom Party which remains on the ballot in California only rose out of the anti-war and civil rights movements dissatisfied with the two parties both pushing war in Southeast Asia.  As I’ve mentioned, my parents were involved in the formation, but drifted away once they chose Eldritch Cleaver as their candidate (in California – the P&F Party everywhere else chose Dick Gregory).   Unfortunately, his name didn’t even appear on the ballot as he wasn’t 35 and therefor didn’t qualify as a Presidential candidate. In 1972 they would nominate Dr. Benjamin Spock, but my parents were working for McGovern by then.

But my parents kept a bunch of material from 1967 and 68 including this paper.

Peace and Freedom News

I found a pdf of it so you can actually read the articles.  Note on page 2 they are calling on California to lower the voting age to 18.  The 26th Amendment passed three years later.

There are reports from various counties on page 8. Humboldt County reported about 400 voters registered with the Party.   On page 4 is the contact information for chapters in each county.   Humboldt County was represented by someone named Mike Jayne who lived on Virginia Street in Arcata.

In 1968 the back-to-the-land movement was just beginning to trickle in.  The contact for Mendocino County is a resident at Little River named John Sinclair.  When I read that I wonder if it was the John Sinclair of M-5 fame, but looking over the history available online I’m not finding any other evidence of his living in Mendocino County and in fact he was apparently living in Michigan when not touring with M-5.

Here’s an earlier pamphlet preserved by my parents.

Peace and Freedom Party pamphletPeace and Freedom Party pamphlet 2


She has a Facebook page, but not much happening.  And there are signs for all of the other candidates up all over town.

Did Mantova supporters convince her to stand down to avoid splitting the vote?  She’s on the ballot.  She was one of the first to qualify.   She is also the only one of the four candidates who has been registered to vote in Ward 1 for more than six months.


Of course I bring my daughter.  At the end of a long day at the end of a long week it was nice to chill to a beer while walking the livestock barns, the potato sculptures, the cake decorations, the funnel cake eaters, etc.  And when you’ve had enough (for me usually about 1/2 hour into it) you can always catch a nap on one of the benches in the Judgment Barn if nothing is happening there.  My daughter and her boyfriend were on the Ferris wheel.  Can you see her?

County Fair 3


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