When I attended UC Santa Cruz there was a fight for City Council where there were two distinct factions of the city roughly equal in voting numbers.  When four seats were up, each side ran a slate and each side won two races with the progressive coalition maintaining the narrow 4-3 majority.

It was the closest the conservatives would ever come to retaking the council after having lost it in the mid-1970s.  In their effort to win it back they hired a firm to manage their campaigns to create “the All Santa Cruz Coalition.”  This firm had managed the “All Berkeley Coalition” and the “All Santa Monica Coalition” in past elections.  With such a stellar win-loss record (yes, that’s sarcasm) it was no wonder that the conservatives would hire this firm.  I guess they figured that sooner or later Bullwinkle would pull the rabbit out of the hat.

I don’t remember the name of the firm, but the Santa Cruz Action Network, the progressive group which provided aid to candidates and campaigns, brought to the public attention an old pamphlet the firm had generated in their failed effort to “save” Santa Monica (defeated by Tom Hayden’s “Economic Democracy” campaign).  The pamphlet outlined the dreary path of the loss of the culture war – it was entitled, “From Bicycle Lanes to Socialism.”  Basically, bike paths were the first step in the journey.  After that came food coops, women’s health collectives, tenants unions, and a long list on to more frightening items rent control, homeless shelters, and ultimately…….socialism.

It is in this context I read Anthony Mantova’s rant against proposed changes to H and I Streets in Eureka.   The proposal involves changes to make it safer for crossing students, and the dedication of one of the three lanes on each street to….. bicycle lanes!

This is where it happens folks!  This is the beginning of the hippie takeover!  And ultimately, socialism!

Seriously, I drive those streets about a dozen times a week.  I have never seen traffic which requires three lanes.  We’ve had some construction lately where travel was actually narrowed to one lane and I think maybe on one occasion it slowed my trip by as much as 3 or 4 seconds.  Maybe.

Kim Bergel’s kick-off event is Wednesday Evening at the Madaket Plaza.  5:30.

And Leslie Castellano is sponsoring a Ward 1 bike tour on Sunday.