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Ms. Drooz sent another letter in response to the article about her first one.

Her letters remind me of why I would hate to practice law in Southern California.  They think these letters scare people.

Apparently Ms. Drooz is a First Amendment specialist.  Her letter makes no sense then, as Mr. Wruck is clearly a public figure which means she would have to prove that Kevin acted with malice, and I don’t even see a case for negligence.

I’m trying to stay out of HSU politics as my wife is on the CAB, and I was kind of rolling my eyes at the latest meeting when Jana said that Mr. Wruck and the HSU administration don’t understand the local community.  I tend to roll my eyes when people who have been here longer than I accuse me of not understanding the community – as if Humboldt County is so unique that outsiders just can’t grok.  But from these letters, it turns out she was right and I was wrong.   Humboldt County is not Sunset Boulevard.  Nor is any rural county to which any transfer of venue would be made.

Gates testifies as expected. 

I mean, were they anticipating something different from Gates?  Do they think they can convince the jury that Gates is lying by admitting to crimes?  Why did Manafor allow this to get to trial?

As for what happened at the meeting, I wasn’t there. For the moment, I’m going to reserve opinion except to say that I do not know Mr. Wruck, but I do know Lorna Bryant to be a woman of integrity.   I also know Katie Whiteside to be a woman of integrity.

But a blustering letter from a Southern California law firm which calls itself “Drooz Legal” reveals that the letters author has either never read or forgotten what she learned in law school about New York Times vs. Sullivan. Basically, there is no case. But I doubt the firm really intends to sue. It’s intention is to rattle nerves to “play the ref” for more sympathetic coverage in the future.  A lawsuit would trigger response from every First Amendment organization in California and it would be shut down by an anti-SLAPP motion.  Among other things, that would amount to a public relations disaster for the University, although these ongoing controversies are almost there anyway.

And to send a letter like that to a newspaper and not expect it to be published – seriously?

The letter claims that Mr. Wruck didn’t yell at the meeting in question, but the Lost Coast Outpost quotes him as describing the conversation as “heated” and that he apologized to Lorna after the meeting.

But I guess we shouldn’t trust anything in any media, because the media is the enemy of the people.

Seriously, this firm is not doing Mr. Wruck nor HSU any favors.  It may have calmed down, and this out-of-town firm just fanned the flames but big!


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