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This is where we’re at.

They have the signatures to put it onto the November ballot.

I’m not sure what’s in the actual bill, but what would have to happen is that California would have to give up two of the proposed areas and they would become territories until Congress decides to bring them into the union as states.  Incidentally, while I don’t know if Congress can force a state to keep its territory, it could simply recognize the two ceded areas as one state.

Why do I think this might happen?  Well, if you look at the map, the proposal would mean a net gain of Democratic Party Senators.  If the Republicans retain control, they’re not going to want that to happen.  So if the Monterey to Los Angeles California is merged with the Orange County/San Diego California, without the deep blue votes of the Bay Area, Republicans would be at a disadvantage, but have a fighting chance to win one or both of the Senate seats.  Of course there’s a risk of a net gain of four Democrat Party seats.   Maybe they would create three states in addition to Northern California – I’m assuming the California with the state capital will remain “California” as a matter of federal legalities.

I’m almost tempted to vote for it.  Maybe we wouldn’t have to continue giving up our water!  Maybe we could pass single payer health care in NorCal.  And actually, Orange and San Diego Counties aren’t what they were in the past.  There is actually a chance it would result in six Democratic Party Senators – a net gain of four.

But as counter-intuitive as it sounds, this would actually further marginalize rural areas in terms of attention and funding.  It would expand the industry of lobbyists and special interests without competition from the three urban areas each of which would run its own state.  That’s not good for grassroots politics.  I’m more concerned about concentrations of power of special interests than which party elects federal Senators.

And I would oppose it on one basis alone – we do not live in “North California.”  It should have been named “Northern California” per the LA Times map below.  That they couldn’t even get that right means the proponents do not understand California.

Anyway, we’ll be voting on it.


It’s kind of interesting that Rex moved to bring the issue to discussion. Usually he complains about proposals which don’t have clear local significance. Is anybody wanting to trophy hunt elephants and giraffes in Humboldt County? That’s the kind of question he would ask.
Mind you, I have no objection to taking up state, national, and global issues in local political deliberations. But I find the inconsistency interesting.
The Times Standard has the story.  I’m not clear from the article as to whether there was actually a vote.
As to whether trophy hunting is actually good for conservation, it’s a bit complicated.  Here’s a fairly balanced article about its impacts on elephants in particular.
Elephants play in Amboseli National park

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