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I was in Red Bluff a couple of weeks ago for a friend’s Chico State graduation and I noticed the sign in the photo at several locations I was driving through.  Apparently the issue was that his opponent, incumbent Laura Woods, is a Brown appointee.

Now I’m sure the he’s a nice guy and all as the photos on his site would indicate.  But the sign is problematic because if the tactic had been successful it would make it very hard for any governor to fill a vacancy which comes up in between elections.  Judges retire early, become ill, pass away, and sometimes are removed for bad behavior.  Lots of reasons a seat can become vacant without an election on the horizon.  And many counties are already backlogged needing more rather than few courts, causing problems for prosecutors, civil attorneys, and parties who need resolution.

If a potential appointee is worried that she will lose the position in a couple of years because of the politics of the person appointing her then she is likely to refuse the appointment.

What many don’t realize is that the selection process is a bit involved.  Local attorneys are solicited for their opinions and a Governor would be crazy to appoint someone who has jurisprudence which is radically antithetical local values.  Obviously he won’t appoint someone who is grossly antithetical to his own values, and if he does the job right he will find a balance.  So to use the mere fact of the appointment against her absent specific criticisms is, at best, irresponsible, and arguably unethical.

Fortunately, the Tehama County voters, who previously voted to leave California, saw through the slogan.   She took in twice his votes.  It feels like a different planet over there when I visit, but I’m grateful to the people there.


A really important message sent!

26 percent turnout?  Seriously?

I’m really embarrassed, even though we’re a little better than the rest of the state.

Not Del Norte though.  They had almost a European level low turnout at over 60 percent.  Were they voting on something interesting?

“A citizen of America will cross the ocean to fight for democracy, but won’t cross the street to vote in a national election.”

— Bill Vaughan

This is why conservatives have a perennial edge in every election.  Most conservatives vote because they see it as a civic duty.  But too many leftists are all, “Well, my one vote doesn’t really matter anyway, and the system is rigged, and I’m so disillusioned, and I’m kind of busy today….”

Mendocino County results came in this morning.

John Pinches is in first place with 34 percent of the vote.  John Haschak took in 31 percent and will be Pinches’ opponent in the runoff.

Ted Williams is in a strong first place but will be in a runoff against Chris Skyhawk in the 5th.

Mendocino County doesn’t seem to like women in a Supervisor this time around.

The transient tax went down huge – I don’t know much about the measure but lots of money was spent against it as I heard ad after ad on KOZT during my many trips through the county this last month.

Measure F took 60 percent of the Piercy vote.

Final report.

Karen Paz Dominguez won big!

Stephen Madrone is 33 votes ahead waiting for the last minute mail-ins.  Will there be a recount?

Measure F won big – just shy of 74 percent.  Mendo results aren’t in yet, but I don’t think they will make much of a difference.

Statewide not too many surprises.  It appears the Democrats won’t be locked out of those current GOP districts, but they won’t be cake walks for November.

It looks like De Leon will be Feinstein’s challenger in November.  Feinstein took every county in the state.  What did Bradley do to lose so many red counties?

Bonds for parks and water passed.


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