Sorry, I know the Mateel is desperate for money, but LGBT people in Jamaica are being beaten and killed because of people like Sizzla.  He headlined for ROTR a couple of years ago, causing a huge commotion.  About half the concerts during the tour were cancelled across the country, but it doesn’t seem to make an impression in liberal Sohum.  We can’t let lethal homophobia get in the way of a good boogie!

There are only eight murder music artists.  Isn’t the pool of artists who are at least silent on the subject large enough to avoid the eight?  How does the Mateel keep getting caught up in this?

At the time the Mateel was contrite and offered a donation to an organization dedicated to opposing anti-LGBT violence in Jamaica.  I haven’t heard whether the donation was actually made.

July 13.  Party on!

All reminiscent of the Buju Banton controversy 12 years ago.

Meanwhile, I have repeatedly sent promo and contact info to the Mateel about the one unambiguously anti-homophobia Reggae artist, and to date he has never been invited to ROTR or any Mateel event.  I suspect it’s because they are afraid to alienate more conventional Reggae artists.   Here’s one of his songs.