I ran into Stephen Madrone in the Courthouse this morning and he related the following to me about the Tribal endorsements.

As Kym Kemp reported in January, Madrone was indeed endorsed by a 3-2 Hoopa Tribal Council vote in December.  Madrone was present for the meeting, while Supervisor Sundberg was not.  Subsequently Mr. Sundberg contacted the Council in anger and held a private meeting with the Council (Tribes are not subject to the Brown Act) and after some discussion they decided to endorse Sundberg as well.  So at this point the Hoopa Tribe has jointly endorsed both candidates.

In the meantime he confirmed the Yurok endorsement.  Madrone showed up to present at several meetings sans a Sundberg appearance and the Yurok Council finally decided to move forward and endorsed Madrone unanimously while praising him for over four decades of salmon preservation work.

Madrone has now raised about $20,000 and has walked and visited over 1000 homes in and around McKinleyville.  He has a growing team of canvassers and the campaign is “heating up.”  Debates have been scheduled for April, but reportedly Sundberg is demanding that he be provided the questions ahead of time.  As usual, Sundberg is collecting a lot of money, so Madrone will need all the grassroots support he can get.  Madrone also received the endorsement of the Democrats and the labor unions.

Sydney Marrone will be covering the race in more detail later on the KMUD news later this week.