1.  That the Australian Intelligence revelations about George Papadopoulos actually initiated the Russia investigation;
  2. That Steele was so freaked out about what he learned that he was “desperate” to have Trump investigated and so gave his information over to the FBI rather than those who hired him; and
  3. That the FISA courts renewed the warrant four times.

What we know from beyond the memo:

  1.  That Nunes has omitted massive context and and key facts;
  2.  That Nunes misconstrued McCabe’s testimony;
  3.  That nothing in the dossier has been debunked while much of it has been corroborated;
  4.  That Trump was really disappointed in the memo and probably should watch less   Fox News;
  5.  That Carter Page actually bragged about being the Kremlin’s “adviser”;
  6.  That the FBI did in fact inform the judges of potential bias on Steele’s part, whether it came before or after the investigation; and
  7.  That everything in the Dossier is probably accurate.