It has been said that the only class-conscious class in America is the upper class. One of the problems of the working class consciousness is that so many of its members believe that they are temporarily frustrated millionaires. There isn’t much of a union movement left in the US, partly because there’s little left to unionize – hence the union activism around the fast food industry.

But the Democratic Party has embraced labor-killing trade agreements, adopted neo-liberal economic policies, appointed Wall Street execs to manage the economy with each post-Carter Presidency, and barely mentions class issues in their campaigns except to slam the big donors of their opponents. Meanwhile, the real wage of the working person has declined in all but a few years since 1971 when a fry cook could buy a home in most parts of the country. The Democrats have steadily lost the working class, and not just the white working class.

After a friend posted this article on Facebook I just had to respond that attacking Trump supporters this way is a sure fire way to lose in 2018, 2020, and beyond. Some of the working class voted for Trump. Much of it just sat out the last election.

Says Thomas Frank:

“Basically, I think the Democratic party is in deep trouble. The evidence of that is now plain, I think, to everyone — that they’re in a state of historic wipe-out across the country and in both of Houses of Congress, and of course, they lost the presidency, too… The leadership of the party have persuaded themselves that they don’t really have a problem, that all they have to do is wait for [Donald] Trump to screw up and they’ll waltz right back in, and so they don’t have to do anything different. I think Trump represents the culmination of a long-term shift of working people, working-class people away from the Democratic Party.”

Was the Bernie Sanders campaign the last gasp of working class politics? We’ll discuss it on Thursday evening, at 7:00.

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