This from Renee Saucedo looking for book donations to the newly created Multi-Cultural & Diversity Center at CR. Specifically she is looking for books which speak to the experience of marginalized communities, including people of color, ethnic minorities, LGBT, and women. Fiction and non-fiction desired.

Hello Friends,

As many of you know, College of the Redwoods will open a new Multi Cultural & Diversity Center at the Eureka campus by this Fall. We’re very excited that the College will more effectively serve and support its underrepresented student communities!

One service we’d like to offer all students is a library of books and publications related to oppressed communities’ histories, cultures, and struggles. Do you have books that you’d like to give away related to these themes?

Please let me know, and I’ll arrange a pick-up. Or, please feel free to mail books to me at the address below.

Thank you!
Renee Saucedo
Director of Multi-Cultural & Diversity Center
College of the Redwoods
7351 Tompkins Hill Rd. #SS102
Eureka, CA 95501-9300
Direct: (707) 476-4137


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