The McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee won’t talk about racism because, so far, the majority have determined that racism is not in the purview of the committee.   The Mad River Union reports and includes the following rules which determine the topics of discussion.

I’ve bolded the portion I believe puts racism within the purview – specifically racism and the associated problems are directly issues of “public health, safety, (and) welfare.”  Anti-discrimination and civil rights laws tend to be held within “public welfare” context, and at the federal level is justified by the spending for general welfare provision and the Commerce Clause.

The McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee is tasked with gathering input from the community and providing advice on matters which relate to services which are or may be provided to the McKinleyville Community Planning Area by the county or other local government agencies. The advice to be provided by the MMAC includes but is not limited to advice on matters of public health, safety, welfare, public works, public financing and proposed annexations that may affect the local area covered by the MMAC. The MMAC is not intended to address countywide matters unless those matters have a localized impact within the area mapped on Figure 1 [which is basically a map of McKinleyville] and described as the territorial jurisdiction of the MMAC.

A secondary responsibility of the MMAC is to review, comment and provide advisory recommendations to the Planning Commission, and the Board of Supervisors on proposed zoning amendments, and General Plan petitions and amendments located within the McKinleyville Planning Area related to conformance with the McKinleyville Community Plan. The MMAC will also discuss and provide input on long-range planning issues.

The rules also spell out what the committee is not allowed to do:

The MMAC will not review, comment and provide advisory recommendations on the subdivisions, conditional use permits, special permits, coastal development permits or variances unless they are part of a larger project which also includes a General Plan Amendment or Zone Reclassification. The MMAC will make recommendations on proposed zoning, General Plan petitions and amendments, but is not a decision-making body. The MMAC will not have authority to make, set, provide interpretation of or enforce county ordinances, policies or laws.

From the article:

“Tucker said he does not know whether there is a serious problem with racism in McKinleyville, or whether it’s a  perception problem. ” 

Well, it’s definitely a perception problem now!