This is not only good news for LGBT equality under the law, but I wonder if Justices Roberts and Kennedy are moving to the left. It has happened before. Justices Brennan and Blackmun were both considered the most liberal Justices when they retired. Both were Republican appointees. As soon as both Marshall and Brennan were gone (they had both opposed the death penalty), Blackmun announced that he had come around to the conclusion that executions inherently violated the 8th Amendment.
Justice O’Connor also moved to the left before she left, and essentially apologized for having voted with the majority in Bush v. Gore. And of course Justice Souter was a closeted liberal who revealed himself as such almost immediately.
But you have this decision released today, with Gorsuch, Thomas, and Alito dissenting. And you have the “compromise” partial restoration of the Muslim ban order with the same three dissenting as they wanted a complete restoration. The ban as “reinstated” will apply to very few as the “exceptions” far outnumber those covered.
Justices are in for life. They are completely independent of political influence. Day in and day out they hear intelligent argument from intelligent people, and if they are not ideologically entrenched, they have been known to succumb to those influences out of either conscience or just personal evolution. I have never heard of a Supreme Court Justice becoming more conservative. It has certainly not happened in my lifetime. Even Scalia, whom my criminal procedure professor said, “never met a car search he didn’t like” became more liberal with regard to search and seizure law – possibly due to the influence of his friendship with Justice Ginsberg. At worst, they don’t budge. Justice Thomas has not budged.