Now we know.

So much the media has been missing.  The fact that the CIA head continued to brief classified information with Mike Flynn in the room for three weeks after his own agency declared Flynn a security risk.  And now it turns out the CIA knew that Putin had ordered an operation to get Trump elected last summer, which probably accounts for Obama’s calling a meeting with congressional Republicans in September, at which the latter expressed apathy at best.  Meanwhile, the Intelligence people didn’t want to be accused of “rigging” the election against Trump, so they stayed quiet.  And Obama and the Democrats, I assume Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were present, were wimps as usual.

So Trump’s relying on outside counsel on a daily basis.  And not everybody wants to go down with the ship.  Pence has lawyered up.

Coats is throwing Trump under the bus.  Trey Gowdy’s response is understandable about the leaks, but tends to confirm the reports.  You got to keep your cool in these matters.  Obviously there are Democrats (presumably) who want the story out in the open, but if your leadership pledges a tight ship you ought to keep it together, at least for awhile.  I mean, at a certain point if there’s a cover-up effort, then I think leaks are justified, as was the case with Watergate.  But Gowdy’s right in that you are less likely to get testimony in closed session with leaks.  But I bet Coats expected the leaks, but asked for closed session so he can shrug and say he did what he could.  But in my view Coats already compromised himself by not standing up to Trump about Flynn’s presence at classified briefings in January.

And yeah, why does Kushner still have security clearance?  That’s a rhetorical question.