We need a Sanctuary County resolution.  We need to recognize undocumented as our neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc. as vulnerable members of our community and we need to afford them all the protection we can.  We need a resolution which states that in recognition of the fact that these people, however they came here, are part of our community and that local law enforcement will cooperate with DHS and ICE with as far as is required by federal and state law, but no more than that.  Lofty statements about diversity and all are really unnecessary absent some teeth.  There should also be a clear policy that local law enforcement will not act in any way which would deter an undocumented resident from contacting emergency services.  Everyone is safer if nobody has to think twice about it.

It appears that the discussion has been put off until April 11 to await a proposal from the Human Rights Commission.  LoCo reports.